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At the Monastery we make a sell a variety of religious specialty handicrafts. Please visit the links on this page to see these items in detail. The "More Information" link contains information about how these items are made, and about the materials used in production.

Item Variations:

Every item that the Monastery makes is currently on the website, but not every variant. For example, if there is a cross on the website that has Gold and Antiqued Copper variants, this does not mean that a silver version is not available. Please call the Monastery to find out if a certain variant is available. The website will continue to be updated until every variant has been photographed and added to the database. Please note that we are currently not making or selling any mixed-leaf items (items that are guilded with more than one metal leaf). If we begin making them again, we will post the information on this website.

Ordering Information:

We accept orders by telephone only. Please call the Monastery anytime between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. at (815) 943-3588 to place an order. If there is no answer please leave a message with your name and telephone number. Please note that there is usually a delay of a few weeks before receiving your order, because these items are made on demand. We can give you an estimated time of completion when you call to place your order. We thank you for your support.

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Information on how these items are made
More Information: Production and Materials